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You Only Live Twice


A true story of courage, faith, and endurance that is neither taught in schools nor found in textbooks. From the streets of Spanish Harlem and the South Bronx where the streets almost took his life this is the story of survival, courage and faith.  Out of faith came the strength he needed to free him of the ghettos grip. One man's passionate journey through hell fighting a constant battle with drugs, guns, gangs, racism corruption, demons, and a failed system.

People have described the book as Raw, Revealing, Powerful, Spiritual, Inspiring.but most of all Honest.

Take the roller coaster ride with him as he takes you on a journey from El Barrio to Da Bronx. From Opening fire hydranst in the summer to jumping across rooftops to evade the police it has a treasure trove of true stories from "The Good Old Days"..

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