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Tales from El Barrio and Da Bronx

Posted by Emmitt Thrower on March 1, 2014 at 8:40 PM Comments comments ()

Web Series Project - Tales From El Barrio And Da Bronx

We are creating a Web Series to support our developing program the "Youth Survival Project". The "Youth Survival Project" is inspired by the book and life experiences of Puerto Rico born author Gumersindo Vidot. His autobiography "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE" tells the story of his growing up in the ghettos of "El Barrio" and "Da South Bronx" in New York City during the turbulent 60-70's.

This Web Series is the beginning of the process to help fund the survival program and spread the message. Through this web series. We will be re-telling some of the stories from his book YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE.  The web series is entitled "Tales from El Barrio and Da Bronx."  Our first 3  Webisodes are hoped to be funded with this crowdfunding effort. Shooting will be done in NY and Philadelphia using local artists and young people. Produced by Wabi Sabi Productions Inc. by Emmitt Thrower.  It will be a very exciting adventure. Hopefully many of you will share this journey with us. We will have many wonderful and unique perks for those who choose to be a part of our crowdfunding effort of saving the youth beginning with our web series project. You can easily be notified of any news or happenings around our webseries by going to our Prefundia Page for the project. It contains more info on our webseries project.